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Client Aura provides excellent IT services for your needs

Software Solutions ( custom application development )
We create solutions to raise your organisation. If you need a software product, we analyse your problem and create the right solution. Client Aura's development team is loaded with experience, enthusiasm and creativity. We design and build elegant software solutions and web applications that are effective and a pleasure to use. Sky is the limit.

Software Consultancy
We carry our expertise into your team. Our programmers are multi-skilled, bringing years of development experience in a range of coding languages and platforms with full project lifecycle expertise. Their ability to make the right technical decisions at the right times and setting the highest internal standards means we are a technical partner to trust.

Sitecore Consultancy
Our certificated experts creates your online presence platform.


60 £ / h £400 / day
Software Development
60 £ / h £400 / day
Software Consultancy
65 £ / h £450 / day
Sitecore Consultancy

Our Products

bpm.ist, operations driving and tracking system :

Customer Surveying, Satisfaction Measuring and Reporting Software:

It enables you to know what exactly your customers think about your company, your products and your services.

If your customers are happy with you, they continue with you. If they are not, you are likely to lose them. Competition is hard. In order to win this competition you must know your weaknesses and eliminate them immediately.

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Product Satisfaction Trend Graph

You can view the trend about every product or service you provide. In this graph, it is clearly seen that satisfaction level has dropped significantly for Beko b970 Refrigerator product. This is a sign that customers might not prefer this company or product again. The company owner might ask customers who gave negative feedback what they do not like about the product.

Net Promoter Score

NPS graph shows how your customers promote your company to friends or colleagues. This is a very suitable indicator about how your customers like your company. In this graph, it is seen that there is a big drop on recommendation score. There is no company willing to have this kind of graph. But if it is the case, having an alert about that is an important value for a company.

Product Satisfaction Report

You can view least liked products ( or services ) with this report. If a product or service is very profitable and not liked, it is an alert. It is an indicator to correct the the problems making customers unhappy. Or, you may decide not to provide a product if it is not profitable and not likable.

Customers' Satisfaction Report

With this report, you can reach unhappy customers and learn why they are not satisfied about products or services they paid for. Contacting this kind of customers and making them satisfied is a very big opportunity to stop negative word of mouth.

Employee - Customer Satisfaction Performance

This graph shows average satisfaction by employees. Even if it is not the only indicator about employee performance, it can be a supporting evidence for performance calculations.

Branch Performance Report

This graph shows information about customer satisfaction by branches.

Product Pricing


100 survey per month

8 £ / mo 80 £ / yr

300 survey per month

Product Satisfaction Report

Least Liked Products Report

Net Promoter Score

Unhappy Customers Report

25 £ / mo 250 £ / yr

1000 survey per month

Product Satisfaction Report

Least Liked Products Report

Net Promoter Score

Unhappy Customers Report

Employee Reports

35 £ / mo 350 £ / yr

Unlimited surveys

Product Satisfaction Report

Least Liked Products Report

Net Promoter Score

Unhappy Customers Report

Employee Reports

Branch Reports


What else?

Payment - We use Worldpay Pay by Link for payments. It is very secure and reliable.

Data Security - Our data is secured. We use ISO 27001 certificated Microsoft Azure cloud solutions.

About us

We are an information technology company which provides excellent solutions for your organisation.

We have an experienced crew and specialised about:

  • Custom Web Applications
  • Customer Satisfaction Solutions
  • Customer Experience Management Solutions
  • Service Management Applications
  • ECommerce Solutions

Technologies we can provide consultancy:

  • .NET software development
  • C#
  • ASP.NET Web Forms
  • Sitecore
  • Entity Framework
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • LINQ
  • TFS
  • OOP
  • SQL
  • Devexpress ASP.NET
  • Mongo DB
  • Ninject
  • Javascript
  • Jquery
  • Angular JS
  • Web API
  • WCF
  • Design Patterns
  • Ajax
  • XAF
  • GitHub
  • CA SCM



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Company Registration Number: 10578211